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China MOC spokesperson makes remarks on White House trade statement
  Release time: 2018/06/20 16:21:00
After unveiling plans to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods worth around 50 billion U.S.dollars, the United States went even further by threatening to identify 200 billion U.S.dollars worth of Chinese products for additional tariffs

Asia's largest dredging vessel completes first sea trial
  Release time: 2018/06/13 13:51:00
TIANJIN, June 12--A Chinese-built dredging vessel, the largest of its kind in Asia, returned to the shipyard in Qidong city of east China's Jiangsu Province Tuesday after completing its first sea trial.The 140-meter-long vessel, named Tian

Steel News

Telugu states press on for steel plants
  Release time: 2018/06/20 16:19:00
Hyderabad:After the Centre declared the proposals for setting up two steels plants in Kadapa(Andhra Pradesh)and Bayyaram in Telangana as“unviable”, both state governments have started exploring alternative ways to set up the plants.The co

Russia To Retaliate Against U.S. Steel, Aluminum Tariffs
  Release time: 2018/06/20 16:18:00
In a statement on June 19, Economic Development Minister Maksim Oreshkin said additional tariffs will hit a range of U.S.imports to Russia.Russia is using its rights at the World Trade Organization and is introducing balancing measures on i

Raw Material

FMG calls the bottom of iron ore price discounts
  Release time: 2018/01/30 17:40:00
The miner revealed its iron ore had achieved just 66 per cent of the benchmark iron ore price during the three months to December 31.A far cry from the period between 2014 and 2016 when Fortescue's product typically fetched between 86 per c

Shippers benefit as China laps up Brazilian iron ore
  Release time: 2018/01/03 17:20:00
To combat severe winter smog, China has slashed iron ore output, pushing steel mills in the world’s second biggest economy to import more high-grade ore.While Australia is the top iron ore exporter to China with 652 million tonnes exported

Equipment & Technology

Green steel: ArcelorMittal launches 'radical and disruptive' building a...
  Release time: 2018/06/20 16:20:00
Dubbed'Steligence', the approach is aimed at creating a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings and involves taking a more'holistic'view of their design and construction, the firm said.Ludkovsky added that the firm had"landed on a radical

High-Strength Steel On Display With Launch Of All-New 2019 Ram 1500
  Release time: 2018/01/19 16:59:00
According to Ram, this is the strongest 1500 to date, featuring more than 98 percent high-strength steel in the frame and 54 percent high-strength steel in the core body structure.The use of high-strength steel in the frame enables noise-,

Steel End-users

Cut tariffs on imported cars cautiously
  Release time: 2018/01/30 17:42:00
Many potential buyers expect the tariff cuts will help bring down the retail prices of expensive imported cars.However, the number of cars China imports each year has soared from 70000 in 2001 to more than 1.07 million in 2016, so even thou

Chinese automaker Foton launches assembled trucks in Kenya
  Release time: 2018/01/25 14:09:00
Sun Qingzhong, General Manager of Foton Motor Kenya Ltd, said in Mombasa that the company which has been pushing for the globalization of its brands, has set a long-term strategic plan in Kenya and Africa.The Chinese automaker will also pro

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